Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our FAQ's below and if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Why does a customer need to register?

Bertuzzi Distribution is a company that sells brands/garments to the re-seller market. Bertuzzi as a company endeavours to protect its registered clients from the one time only buyers.

How does one go about registering to become a reseller?

A person or an entity needs to click on the registration button and complete the form to the best of their ability. Subsequent to this, the registration will go through a vetting process. If the application is successful the client will receive an email notification with their unique login details. Bertuzzi’s staff will also notify a new customer telephonically if their application was successful. If the application is not successful, an email will be sent notifying the customer about the decision to deny the application together with the reason behind not granting it. The customer is more than welcome to dispute the decision by phoning customer services to discuss the matter further.

Can one register as a customer even if you are not a registered entity?

Yes. The applicant will go through the same standard vetting process as per any other company/entity/applicant. Bertuzzi has numerous sole proprietors, start-ups and informal sector customers. Bertuzzi will not discriminate against any Entrepreneur who endeavours to start a business.

How long does the vetting process take?

24 hours.

Must an existing client re-register to be able to login to the website?

Yes. An already registered customer needs to email or phone customer services to access their login details.

Does Bertuzzi carry stock of all the items displayed on the website?

Yes. Bertuzzi does carry all items offered on the website, but we cannot guarantee that the specific items selected by a customer will be available at all times.

Does Bertuzzi only sell to Promotional and Branding companies?

Bertuzzi Distribution sells its products to the re-seller market, which includes big and small retailers, independent retailers, branding companies, informal entities, non-profit organisations, school and university shops as well as public relations companies, event organisers and advertising agencies.

Does Bertuzzi do branding?

No. Bertuzzi Distribution fortunately/unfortunately does not do branding, because of the simple reason that it has branding companies as registered customers and it needs to protect these entities.

Does Bertuzzi deliver?

Bertuzzi does not deliver, however it does plan to facilitate such a service in the near future. Currently all orders are to be collected at Bertuzzi’s premises situated at No 3, Stella Road, Montague Gardens, Cape Town or at Unit 4A, 5 Galaxy Avenue, Libro Business Park, Sandton, Johannesburg.

Can end-users purchase directly from Bertuzzi?

We do not sell directly to the end user. We point these customers to online retailers or other registered customers.

Can one apply for credit?

Yes. The application will be vetted by Credit Guarantee. All credit customers will need to adhere to their strict policies. If an application is declined by Credit Guarantee then Bertuzzi unfortunately will not be in a position of granting credit to the applicant. 

Does Bertuzzi offer discount on bulk orders?

Yes, however discount is offered according to the volumes ordered.

How does Bertuzzi’s payment process work? Can one pay a deposit and the balance on delivery?

The payment process is simple. No goods will be released before full payment has been received and cleared into Bertuzzi’s bank account. Payment can be done via EFT, Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash.

Must one only purchase from the website or can you contact customer services directly?

Bertuzzi would prefer that customers place an order via the website, however we will gladly assist any customer who places an order directly with customer services.

What are the advantages of purchasing from the website?

There are numerous advantages, which include the following: Stock availability is visible, pricing is visible, easy check out, payment facilities are available, artwork and product details are easily accessible and a more streamline process for customers.