About Bertuzzi

Bertuzzi Distribution (Pty) Ltd started trading in South Africa in 2010 after being granted distribution rights for the Fruit of the Loom Imprint clothing range.
After a testing first two years of trading, the company showed rapid growth in 2012 due to Fruit of the Loom's marketing assistance, coupled with Bertuzzi’ s policy which focused on the following key principles:
- Having stock available
- Providing good service and quality products
- Competitive pricing versus the less costly products manufactured in the East.

At the same time, Fruit of the Loom, owner of the Russell Brands company in America, approached Bertuzzi owner Heinrich Reynecke about the potential distribution of the high quality clothing brand. A deal was concluded to sell Russell Europe in South Africa.

Bertuzzi’ s decision to be a stock-based company was based on the following factors:
- To have stock in order to service:

  • the real time sales channel customer 
  • as well the ever growing online www.bertuzzi.co.za customers.

- To stabilise prices in the face of fluctuating exchange rates and the absence of a global pricing system.

In 2015, Bertuzzi Distribution was awarded the authorised distribution rights for the Gildan range for Southern Africa. Bertuzzi opted for a modest range of Polo’s and ring-spun cotton T-Shirts and is now looking to grow the brand generically.
Bertuzzi together with the support of its suppliers are moving from strength to strength in a testing economic environment and is continuously growing its client database on a daily basis.
Bertuzzi currently has two distribution centres in South Africa which are based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with a showroom located in Durban and is constantly looking for new growth opportunities

Bertuzzi is the sole distributor in Southern Africa for Fruit of the Loom, Gildan and Russell Europe.